There has not been a time in the history of mankind where opportunities have been vaster. Still, inequality, poverty, disease, and disasters are impacting our world. Information flows free, knowledge is abundant, but the action remains constrained to those who have capital, power, and mandate to act. MoreFutures believes in individuals who align strategic business opportunity with the impact of higher good for our planet and those who walk it. 



The consequence of human progress is felt both in soil, blood, sweat, and tears throughout history, but the cost to continue on the current modus operandi of business-as-usual will be the demise of humanity and planet wellbeing as we know it. MoreFutures seek to challenge the status quo of business by investing in ideas, startups, and business models that systematically combine financial return and social and/or environmental impact within their raison d’étre. 



The MoreFutures stratagem is leaving several legacies that will ensure the wellbeing of mankind’s future. Investments are diverse by industry, radical in their execution, and emerge from disruptive ideas. MoreFutures want to diverse investments by their natures, but common on social positive impact.

Impact Mission

"What's in a name?"

MoreFutures A/S takes a positive outlook on our future – both individually and as a species. We work intensively with the challenges of our time, but not out of fear. On the contrary, we believe that the challenge can be solved while creating an abundance of opportunities for growth and happiness.


We believe that each one of us can create numerous exciting and satisfying futures for ourselves and each other. Doing this, requires a positive mindset, creativity and lots of courage.


We at MoreFutures want to catalyze these futures.


Contact us if you want coaching in mindset, creativity, and courage.

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