Selected investments

We transform organizations by building exceptional leaders, teams, and cultures that get results. Our content is designed to help people change both their mindsets and their behavior. It is combined with a team of experts, a dynamic behavior change platform, and key metrics that deliver exceptional results again and again.


“We think everyone should have a best friend, so that’s what we aim to design and give people. Small or big, there’s one for everyone.”

“SenseMyDiet helps people master their eating habits—easily and healthy”.

Before SenseMyDiet, dietary habits related to weight loss were characterized by restrictive and rule-based programs, which often resulted in short-term and limited effects. Healthy eating behavior and less obesity play a tremendous role in people’s welfare, self-esteem, health, productivity, and social engagement. This is crucial for our society as increasing well-being, creates happier and more harmonious citizens, and reduces expenditures on medicine and disease prevention. The Sense method works lifelong and is easily accessible to anyone.


A Danish fintech company working together with pension companies and other asset managers in investing sustainably.

Providing Africa with easy and affordable access of music.

You can change this world and impact its trajectory. By being a nice, friendly, and generous person, you will make life easier and more beautiful for those around you. You can also create a fundraiser and make life better for humans, animals, and the environment, far and near.

A data driven IT platform connecting craftsmen with tools and equipment in a nationwide network of rental providers. Thereby serving the craftsmen, the environment and profitable enterprise.

The goal of Coffee Annan is to break up dusty and colonialistic value chains. By roasting in the respective countries of origin, we want to set an example and add value to coffee-producing countries. Achieving this goal must not be at the expense of the environment, which is why we offset our carbon footprint. We support our own climate project in every country in which we operate to achieve our goal of a climate-neutral coffee. In Ethiopia we chose the NGO “Menschen für Menschen”, which plants trees in the Amhara region. 

Leverage the Potential of Generative AI Without Putting Your Sensitive Data at Risk